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'Anti-wedding' & 'Engaged'


Written on 12:03 AM by Mrudula

I've never been one of 'those' girls. You know, the ones that sweetly chime, "I dreamed of the perfect wedding day since I was a little girl."

My childhood hopes and dreams did not revolve around being a beautiful bride; instead, I imagined myself being a famous psychologist, top model, detective or a award winning photographer. I enjoyed fairy tales as literary pieces, but I did not secretly yearn for Prince Charming or a Cinderella ball gown. Most people don't live that happily-ever-after anyway.

My anti-wedding feelings were solidified, when people around me were simultaneously planning dream weddings. "Do we live for Weddings-R-Us?!" I asked myself after overhearing constant calls to florists, caterers and photographers. From that time forward I swore I'd never let wedding planning rule my life.

But, oops, I said yes for him.

Raghav is perfectly crazy, like me. I never expected this to happen like this. Guess the same with him too. There is no "I Love you" exchanging, thats a statement from him "I want to marry you" after ELEVEN long years he didn't even wait for my "Yes!". During a traditional family meeting we were engaged .

Now what? 'Anti-wedding' and 'engaged' is not an easy combination. We want to start living; our family wants a big wedding. Thus, the planning begins. Well, sort of. We have a date set. Yeah the date is Nov 18th!!!!!!

Now I know why it's called "The Knot"...... because I have a tangle of knots in my stomach knowing how much planning is ahead!

Now it all makes sense why Raghav was not worried about my answer!