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Eiffel Tower Won't Dazzle As Before


Written on 8:35 AM by Reethi

The Eiffel Tower will cut down on its display of sparkling lights to set an example of energy saving. The flash bulbs which marked the dawn of the new millennium will go out on France's top attraction, to cut illumination from 400 to 200 hours per year. The 300-meter (984-foot) tower is France's most revered tourist attraction. It has become a popular activity for tourists to gather during the evening on bridges and squares to watch the dazzling Eiffel. Watch the video to catch a glimpse of it.

The move is part of a plan to make the Eiffel tower more environmentally friendly. Tickets and documents in the tower are made of recycled paper, and management claims that all the electricity used comes from renewable sources. To reinforce the message that energy must be saved for environmental reasons, the tower will sparkle for just five minutes every hour.

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