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Recipes of Kozhukkattai, Poli & Somaasi


Written on 7:03 AM by Mrudula

Outer cover:
Rice flour - 1, water 1
Heat water to boil.Pour 2 tsp sesame oil in it and add rice flour with constant stirring so that it becomes thick. Cover and keep aside for 1/2 hour.Then take even sized balls of this and shape it into a hollow hemisphere. Inner stuffing(Poornam): Mix 1 cup grated coconut, 1 cup powdered jaggery, leave for 5 min.Heat this mixture in low heat with constant stirring Stuff the poornam in the hemisphere and close it by extending the covering
flour.Place these in a plate and steam in a pressure cooker or a large vessel until fully cooked


Poornam:Boil gram-dal until half-cooked and drain the water.Add jaggery, grated coconut, cardomom and grind.Make it tghick by heating in low heat for a little while. Make this into round balls. Add a pinch of salt to maida and knead it by adding a few tsp of sesame oil and pat it on a plastic sheet into round flat a ball of poornam on it, mix well and pat it again.Heat a griddle, put the poli and add a spoon of ghee around it.Turn over until both sides are cooked well.


Poornam: Grind 1/4 kg Pottu kadalai, 1/4 kg sugar, and 5-6 cardomoms(skin removed) and 1 cup grated coconut(slightly roasted in a little ghee) into a powder. Take maida:rawa in the ratio 1:1, each 1/4 kg, add a pinch of salt, add minimum water and knead tightly. Make this flour into even sized balls and roll in the form of
pooris or chappathis. Place 2 tsp of the poornam on this and fold it sealing on the sides, so that it becomes semi-circular in shape. Deep fry this in oil.

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