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NKorea's plan to resume nuclear disabling


Written on 11:36 AM by Mrudula

North Korea said it will resume dismantling its main nuclear facilities, hours after the US removed the communist country from a list of states Washington says sponsor terrorism.
North Korea's Foreign Ministry said they again will allow inspections by the US & the International Atomic Energy Agency at its Yongbyon nuclear complex to verify the disablement process.
"We welcome the U.S. which has honored its commitment to delist (North Korea) as 'a state sponsor of terrorism,'" the ministry said in a statement carried by the country's official Korean Central News Agency.
North Korea halted its nuclear disablement in mid-August in anger over what it called United States delays in removing it from the terror list. The country has since taken steps toward reassembling its plutonium-producing facility and barred international inspectors from the site.
The United States had said North Korea first had to allow verification of the declaration of its nuclear programs it submitted in June. On Saturday, the United States said it took the North off the terrorism blacklist because Pyongyang had agreed to all of Washington's nuclear inspection demands.
U.S. officials said North Korea agreed to allow atomic experts to take samples and conduct forensic tests at all of its declared nuclear facilities and undeclared sites on mutual consent, and would permit them to verify that it has told the truth about transfers of nuclear technology and allegations it ran a separate secret uranium enrichment program.
Japan's finance minister, Shoichi Nakagawa, who was in the United States to discuss the global economic crisis, sharply criticized the decision Saturday saying it was "very regrettable" and that his country hadn't been fully consulted beforehand.

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