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Milagu Kuzhambu & Paruppu Thogaiyal


Written on 9:19 PM by Mrudula

Milagu Kuzhambu

coriander seeds - 2 spoons(fry first)
toor dal - 2 spoons
whole black peppers - 2 spoons
whole red peppers - 3-4
asafoetida and curry leaves -little
Fry the above ingredients in a little amount of oil and grind
it.Mix this paste with tamarind juice, add water and heat
until the raw smell is gone.
Side dish - This can be mixed with rice and served along with
paruppu thogaiyal, or as a side dish to curd rice.

Paruppu Thogaiyal

toor dal - 1
gram dal - 1
whole red peppers ,asafoetida
Fry the above ingredients in alittle ghee, add salt and grated
coconut and grind.

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