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Tata Nano Gujarat Ave Che!


Written on 8:16 PM by Reethi

Diwali has arrived well ahead in Sanand district, in Gujarat this year! Chharodi village, is all set to make a mark on the world map, thanks to the Tata Nano. As news of Nano finally rolling into Sanand broke, the anticipation of the past few days gave way to widespread celebrations across the state as proud Gujaratis burst firecrackers to welcome the prestigious project into thier state. Jubilant villagers at Chharodi welcomed the announcement with a bang as they danced to the tunes of the dhol, distributed sweets, threw colour on each other and burst fire-crackers.

Tata Motors chairman, Ratan Tata made the announcement in Gujarat's capital Gandhinagar on Tuesday. Accompanying him was Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
Double celebrations marked this announcement as the day marks Modi's seven years in

"I don't see the entry of Nano as mere investment in Gujarat. I see it as a partnership between the Tatas and Gujarat - a partnership that would give a new direction and drive to our state's development," said Modi.

Marking the day as a momentous, happy and special day for Tata Motors, Ratan Tata said,"We had been through a sad experience, but so quickly and with so much enthusiasm, we now have a new home. Having this new home and this new pact on the seventh anniversary of the Chief Minister's leadership makes it a special occasion for us."

Nano has found its home? Do you think Gujarat is a better location for this landmark

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