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10 day SEO Guide to Supercharge your Online Business - Title & Meta Data


Written on 11:50 PM by Mrudula

After Keyword Research the three important components we need to take care are:

Page Title
Meta Description
Meta Keywords

Page Title:

The most important factor in search engine optimization is the Page Title. Page Title is the first SEO element search engine ranks the website as it visits it.
Some of the important factors that will help in deciding a good page title are as follows:
The page title should describe the main theme of the web page & include your best keyword or key phrase that is related to the content of the page. Don’t use your company’s name in the title, unless the company’s name is extremely popular.
Many search engines will only index the first 150 characters, while it can only display up to 60 characters. So, try to limit your page title to 40 characters as this will ensure that the complete page title will be displayed in the search engine results.

The proper place to add a title tag is the Head section of the HTML code. When the web page is downloaded in the browser, this title tag is displayed in the title bar of the Web browser. Each web page should have its own unique title that is absolutely related to the web page’s content.
Look at the image working example of the title element...

Meta Description:

The purpose of the meta description tag was twofold: to help the page rank highly for the words that were contained within it, as well as to provide a nice description in the search engine results pages.

The meta description tag may mirror the opening paragraph of your page. The meta description should be specific to the page it is referring to and contain keywords and keyword phrases found in the page title, page heading and first paragraph of page content. And importantly it must be unique to all the pages.

Your meta description tag should be concise, within 140 to 200 characters. Truncation will vary depending on the search engine and the number of characters displayed in the search results.It appears in the section of the web pages.

The meta description tag takes the form as shown in the image:
Meta Keywords:

The META Keywords Tag is where you list keywords and keyword phrases that you've targeted for that specific page.
For those search engines that are META enabled, the META Keywords Tag used to be one of the most important areas after the title element and page description. This tag has been abused over the years by marketers and consumers alike, that the search engines have decreased the relevance of the keywords tag. In some instances, the keywords tag has been deemed irrelevant.
Have a look at the image for working example of the Meta keyword tag...

Will talk more about Anchor text, media optimization and Alta tags in my next post

- Munnu

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