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Freelance Content Writing For The Web


Written on 8:17 AM by Reethi

Are you planning to break into the world of freelance writing? Here are a few tips that I have gathered from various online sources, to help you with all the tips you need before you begin freelancing.

Freelance writers are present in practically everything that deals with today's technology, from books to television to the Internet.. There are many fields to choose from; however, with a little research you will be able to find one that matches your skill, perspective and interest perfectly. And in doing so, you can tackle more than one type of writing or you can just stick to the one subject you know best. Whatever your choice is, paths amid the freelance marketplace are plentiful and always on the lookout for new talent. Here's a summary of the most common fields in freelance writing:

Travel writers, entertainment writers, sports writers; these are all experts on their topic and usually write for many types of print magazines. Article writers can be either freelancers or staff writers; but what they have in common is the ability to write pieces in a compact and succinct language. The market for well-written articles is enormous, both on and off the Internet. Experienced and highly regarded writers with a deeply specialized knowledge (medicine, technology, and consumerism) can make a very decent living in more mercantile publications. As for columnists, they typically meander amid the world of criticism, remarking mostly on popular trends, fashions and styles rather than hard-line news.

These days, you can find columns on pretty much about everything in newspapers and magazines. Those who are syndicated, in which their columns appear in hundreds of newspapers daily, usually are top of the line and make the most money. Some view writing a new article every week for the same column can be a bit of a challenge, though some feel it's one of the easier slots of writing to slip into. In more established publications, often a staff journalist with a reputable name provides the weekly write-ups.

Tips for better web copy:

• Say LESS
• Use the Inverted Pyramid
• Put more important content first
• Use clear headlines and headings
• Consider the users' goals
• Establish trust
• Use active voice
• Always use 10 or 12 font size as this font size is best for readability.
• As far as size goes always use Verdana, Arial, Palatino Linotype, and Helvetica. Reason being all of them are very clear, and well spaced.
• Avoid the usage of any other color in web content writing. At times it looks very jarring for the eyes and makes it difficult to read.
• Always use black text on white background as it is pleasant for eyes and also it’s the standard rule.

Before you begin writing for the web:

1. Most of your visitors will find you by doing a search, so your writing has to meet the needs of the search engines.
2. Most visitors are looking for quality information about a topic. They'll hit the back button if your site only lists your services or product specifications or is overly self-promotional.
3. Visitors often scan pages quickly for relevant information, so the writing and page layout must make this easy for them.
4. Reading on a monitor is more difficult than reading on paper, so your writing should be clean and lean.
5. Visitors respond much more positively to text that touches them personally and emotionally.
6. Choose a personality or voice for your writing which represents your business accurately and maintain that tone throughout your web site.
7. Guide your visitor. Use the copy and design to make it obvious what they should do next.

Note: This work requires intelligence, attention to detail, and in-depth knowledge. If you are willing and ready to go, you can attain online success in a matter of days! Stay tuned. I am gathering a list of freelance content writing websites which you can use...


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