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Amazing Facts About e-Mail


Written on 2:40 AM by Mrudula

  • 71% Use Email to Negotiate Contracts and Agreements
  • 69% Use Email to Exchange Invoices, Statements, and Payment Information
  • 93% Use Email to Communicate with Customers.
  • 38% Use Email to Respond to Regulators
  • 44% Use Email to File with Official Bodies
  • 35% Use Separate Back-End System for Email Retention
  • 23% Use Records Management System for Managing Email
  • 34% Use Document Management System for Managing Email
  • 40% Use Email
  • 60 billion e-mails are sent daily

  • e-Mail
    90% of all email is spam
  • The average business user receives 25 email messages per day; increasing 10% per year
  • The average business user spends 2.6 hours per day reading and responding to email
  • 38% of employees have sent an e-mail without the required attachment
  • 34.1% of users open an e-mail by 5 pm
  • It takes 77 minutes a week for an employee to manage their mailbox, such as cleaning out old messages and filing old messages or attachments
  • It takes 27 minutes for a user to delete or archive enough messages in order to be able to use the e-mail system again after hitting a “quota limit”
  • It takes 8.2 minutes for a user to find an email that is older than two weeks
  • 60% of an organizations intellectual property is in the e-mail system
  • The typical user stores more than one-half of his/her critical business information within the confines of the e-mail system
  • 38% of US and UK companies monitor and read e-mails written by employees
  • 75% of adults prefer e-mail to IM, 75% of teens prefer IM to e-mail
  • Less than one-fifth of teenagers use e-mail for communication
  • E-mail click through ratio is best on Wednesdays, reaching 3.9%
  • 60% of business correspondence has grammar or spelling error
  • Replying more than 100 times to the same piece of spam e-mail will overwhelm the sender’s system and interfere with their ability to send any more spam.
  • 64% of spam servers are in Taiwan, 23% are in the US

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