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A Hindu Weddding Performed by Muslim Parents To Their Hindu Daughter


Written on 10:33 PM by Mrudula

On Friday, a Muslim couple performed the marriage of their daughter Babita, born to Hindu parents, as per Hindu rituals.

A purohit solemnised the marriage, the couple made seven rounds of the holy fire to solemnise their union, Ghulam Mohammad and Rashida Begum requested Dhyanchandra Kuswaha and his wife to perform the Kanya Daan as they could not do it themselves being muslims.

14 years ago, when Ghulam Mohammad and Rashida Begum adopted Babita from her mother Drupathi Devi who fell ill and whose husband Chander Yadav died and assured her of treating Babita as their own child.

By all accounts, they kept their promise and Babita was as pampered by them as their sons.

After so many years when they found perfect groom for Babita Ghulam's family then carefully ensured that all proper Hindu rituals were observed at the wedding. There was an engagement, and marriage cards were distributed carrying a picture of Lord Ganesha. Ghulam was mentioned as Babita's father in the card.

When Ghulam and his wife performed the vidai, even his neighbours turned couldn't stop their tears. Ghulam saw Babita off with all the necessary household items, like any Hindu father does for his daughter.

However, Ghulam doesn't think that what he and his wife did was anything extraordinary. "It was the marriage of my daughter," he said, "and I did what every father has been doing since ages."

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