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Babushka Lady


Written on 2:49 AM by Mrudula

The Babushka Lady is a nickname for an unknown woman who might have filmed the presidential motorcade in Dealey Plaza during the John F. Kennedy assassination. She was called the Babushka Lady because she wore a headscarf similar to scarves worn by elderly Russian women or grandmothersShe appeared to be filming with an amateur movie camera.

Babushka Lady's scarf makes her stand out among crowd rushing up the Grassy Knoll, behind Jean Hill.

Babushka Lady remains standing as both couples (Brehms, and Jean Hill and Mary Moorman) near her go low to the ground.

No one till today found who she was.

- Munnu

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  1. Anonymous |

    The film was never shown to the public because the driver of the Pres Limo secret sevice agent Bill Greer shot JFK point blank in the head after Oswald missed and before Jackie could pull him down.
    The Zapruder film has been slightly altered to hide this fact but the crew chief Roy Kellerman sitting alongside Greer blocks out most of it in that film. Greer NEVER admitted to turning around a 2d time and looking at JFK at the time of the head shot or saying 'Everybody get down now!" during that time. This woman filmed the assassination from the driver's side of the limo capturing his action and was too obvious and closeup to alter so it was hidden from the public.


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