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A Day in an SEO’s Life


Written on 2:42 AM by Mrudula

I’ve been a working as an SEO since 2004. Following is an account of a day in my life of an SEO
As an SEO: The Daily Rundown
6:30 am -8:00 am: I set my alarm to get up at this time because I’m not a morning person. I would climb out of bed sometime between 6.30 and 7:00 am.
The first thing I like to do is to see my face in mirror and get my coffee; usually even before I brush my teeth. Maybe gross, but necessary to get the brain cells working

8.00 am – 8.30 am:
Once I get in to the cab, will discuss more about how was the day with my friends and listening to FM (Life in Bangalore with Rajni saru & B’day bakara program)
8.30 am – 9.15 am: Quickly will check my mails (Google, Yahoo! Mail & MSN accounts) and will post interesting topics on SEO, Movies and others. In the mean time my sweet sister (who is working with me in same office) will irritate me by asking me to come for Breakfast.

9.30 am – 1.30 pm:
After Lite breakfast, will check my calendar for the day. Will recheck the follow up tasks & plan accordingly for the rest of the day.
First I will check how the sites are performing on daily basis, how the traffic growth is and more, if any necessary will request my sister to work on those immediately. (100% she will scold me for that but finally she will complete that task)
After SEO, I will work on other Project reports to send wide audience on how everything is going on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. Other than this I will work on other analysis to get the best from my side.
To get a break from work me and any of my colleagues will go and play for TT till I am get tired or someone calls me for some work or lunch

1.30 pm to 2.30 pm:
I do my best to go and have lunch with my sister and Reethi. We will have nice time while having lunch by discussing all kind of stuff.
After my lunch, no matter how lite I eat, I’m usually sleepy for the next half hour to 45 minutes. So I surf for a little bit or blogging until I feel my second wind kicking in.
By 3pm or so, I start to feel more energized and will work right through until 5pm

5.00 pm to 5.30 pm:
Me and my sister will sit for sometime and chat more about how was the work and other stuff, in the mean time she will be busy in filling SUDOKU in News Paper. We will have sandwich or maggi and juice to fill in stomach

5.30 pm to 6.15 pm:
Will start back from office in the same cab with my sister
Once reached home after one or one half hour break, again I will open my laptop to check my mails and blogging too…
After my dinner, will go to bed by hearing some melody songs…
As you can see, it’s a full day.
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